Grafton woman deals with kitchen damage following Sears appliance delivery

Hardwood floor damaged, waiting for repair money

GRAFTON, Ohio - Carole Lenzer explained how excited she was when she took advantage of "Black Friday" sale prices on new kitchen appliances back in November.

Lenzer purchased a new refrigerator, microwave, range and dishwasher from the Sears outlet in Elyria, totaling nearly $5,000. She told NewsChannel5 that Sears has always been one of her favorite retail outlets.

"I purchased my appliances from Sears because they've always had such a good reputation," Lenzer said with a smile.

But Lenzer said what happened during the delivery of her new appliances left her less than happy.

The Grafton grandmother showed NewsChannel5 the damage she claims was caused by the delivery team, a series of gouges and scratches that marred the hardwood floor in her kitchen.

"When I saw them I quickly called and expressed my concern," Lenzer said. "I have just not gotten any results."

Lenzer showed 5 On Your Side the extensive call log she kept while battling seven months to get  repair funds from the insurance company assigned to handle her Sears damage claim.

"I have called at least 30 to 40 times," explained Lenzer. "I've been put on hold for 30 to 40 minutes at a time, they switch me to somebody else, then I was put on hold again. I was given from one department to another department." 

"I was assured that the proposal for the damages was going to be put in the mail to me, or had already been mailed, and this is two weeks later and I still haven't received anything."

The NewsChannel5 Troubleshooter unit contacted the insurance company about this case, and we were given a quick response from both the insurance carrier, and Sears corporate offices.

Sears issued the following statement in response to our story:

"We apologize for the inconvenience caused to this customer and are happy to report that a check for $1,300 is on its way to the customer.

Sears has its own logistics organization and while third parties are used for deliveries, we want all deliveries to meet both Sears high standards and our customers / members expectations."

Consumers should maintain a clear path for delivery team members and take steps to protect walls and valuables in their home, before their delivery arrives. Stay out of the way, but keep careful watch at all times during the delivery process.

If damage occurs, bring it to the attention of the delivery team immediately, take pictures of the damage and get all contact information on how to file a claim.

Consumers should keep all paperwork and maintain extensive notes while going through the claims process.

Lenzer said she believes it's important to be diligent when fighting for results.

"Really be careful and watch every move that the delivery people make and the people that do the installation, because you have to document everything," Lenzer said.

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