Family photos lost 40 years ago; search for owners brought to NewsChannel5 Troubleshooter

Photos found in back seat of car set to be crushed

CLEVELAND - Marie Shimandle has been holding onto a lifetime of family memories for the past 40 years, memories that are not hers.

The memories have been captured in some 500 photos, stored in four hard-bound photo albums that were found by her husband, James, in the back seat of a car in 1973 while he was an employee of G&M Towing in Cleveland.

Shimandle explained how her husband rescued the photo albums from certain destruction, and how she held onto them hoping to one day find the family pictured inside of them.

"This vehicle was scheduled to go into the crusher and be destroyed. It had been in a bad accident and couldn't be saved," said Shimandle. "My husband saw the photo albums in the back seat and grabbed them before the car was crushed."

Shimandle wrote a letter to NewsChannel5, hoping I could help her track down the owners of the pictures.

"The pictures were so precious in there and I just didn't feel I could destroy them," explained Shimandle, who lost her husband in 2012. "I would be so delighted if someone said 'that's my mom, that's my grandma.'"

Twenty of the pictures are posted here on and span nearly two decades. 

The main man pictured was a cook during the Korean War, and apparently received military training at the Army Education Center at the University of Maryland.

The photos depict a wedding in the late 50's, pictures of a 1964 trip to Disneyland and the Calico Ghost Town in California.

There are also many pictures of young children. It appears the young couple had two sons.

If you have any information on the people pictured in this story, you can contact NewsChannel5 or communicate with Troubleshooter Joe Pagonakis on his Facebook page.

"If you recognize anybody, or you think you recognize anybody, just contact NewsChannel5," said Shimandle. "These photos are available. It would be a shame to put them in the dumpster somewhere."

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