Concerns from family of Chardon shooting victim over dontade funds answered after meeting

Parmertor family wondered how funds will be issued

CHARDON, Ohio - Several weeks have done little to heal the hurt being felt by the family of Chardon shooting victim Danny Parmertor. Concerns that had  the family asking questions as to how relief dollars collected by the Chardon Healing Fund will be distributed.

It's been more than a month since a gunman opened fire killing Parmertor, two others, and injuring two in the Chardon High School cafeteria.

Danny's aunt, Bonnie Parmertor told NewsChannel5 she was worried some of the $600,000 that is being distributed by the Geauga County United Way won't get directly to the families of the Chardon shooting victims.

NewsChannel5 contacted the Geauga County United Way, and the agency responded quickly, holding meetings with the Parmetor's and other families to explain in detail how the funds will be issued.

5 On Your Side confirmed United Way's policy, and state law will not allow the direct distribution of relief funds to victims families. The United Way told NewsChannel5 families are given relief through third party vendors and must present receipts.

Geauga County United Way Executive Director Kimm Leininger responded immediately to NewsChannel5's request for information.

Leininger explained a Chardon Healing Fund board has been established to make sure the funds will be distributed in fair manner, and the Ohio Attorney General is helping to establish other guidelines when it comes to the distribution of donated funds.

Leininger agreed to meet with all families involved, as soon as possible, to take care of any confusion concerning United Way policies.

The Parmertor family thanked NewsChannel5 for requesting the meetings with the United Way, and helping to promote their request for additional information.

"We now feel completely comfortable with how the funds are being handled," said Bonnie Parmertor. "We thank NewsChannel5 for stepping in to promote the needed communication."

"We're now confident the United Way will act in the best interest of all families hurt by the tragedy."

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