Euclid woman fights for bigger homeowners insurance check and wins

Initial insurance check covered only 5 percent

EUCLID, Ohio - June Miller's Euclid home was burglarized five months ago, but she explained an ongoing battle with her insurance company has been an even bigger burden.

Miller told NewsChannel5 she filed a $5,400 claim, after crooks stole the majority of her home's plumbing system.

However, after months a wrangling with American Modern Insurance Company, she was sent a check for $361 to cover all the damage.

"I think it was ridiculous and terrible, and very insulting that they think that I would accept something like that," said Miller.

Miller explained dealing with the break-in was bad enough on it's own.

"It was so frustrating,' said Miller. "I couldn't believe it when the police called me early in the morning. None of the neighbors seemed to notice."

But Miller explained dealing with months of phone calls to her insurance company, and her insurance adjuster, made the situation all the more difficult.

Miller explained repeated calls to her adjuster about the $361 check yielded very few answers.

"He did just nothing, he didn't call or anything," explained Miller. "When I'd call the company, they were not sympathetic, all they did was send me another bill."

Miller's son, George, was also left surprised by the lack of follow through.

"The insurance companies are there, you're paying them a premium to do their job," said George Miller. "When they don't do their job, you need to call them on it."

NewsChannel5 did just that, contacting company headquarters in Cincinnati.

The company responded immediately, and days later sent Miller a $5,407 check to cover her lost plumbing.

American Modern Insurance issued the following statement in response to our story:

"Thank you for contacting us about your viewer’s property insurance claim. We always want to know when our customers have concerns or questions. 

As you understand, to maintain their privacy, we don’t share information about their business with us. We can tell you, though, that we believe we’ve handled this matter to your viewer’s satisfaction.

Once again, thanks for your call."

Consumers can always contact the Ohio Department of Insurance if they feel their insurance carrier isn't getting the job done.

Miller did many things right in fight her battle for better coverage. She kept organized files on her claim, she was diligent and made many phone calls, and kept a detailed written call log.

Miller was pleased with NewsChannel5's effort in helping her with her claim.

"NewsChannel5 is certainly on the ball, they pay attention to their viewers," said Miller. "I talked to so many people after this happened, and nobody wanted to help except you."

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