Euclid fire victims still wait for insurance funds nearly 3 years after losing their condos

Condo owners contact 5 On Your Side

EUCLID, Ohio - Fire consumed eight Euclid condo units in Jan. 2010. No one was injured, however condo owners, who lost everything, are still waiting for their insurance checks 32 months later.

Patricia Bowie is one of the fire victims. She owned her condo at Georgetown of the Highlands outright, but lost everything.

"It's very ridiculous to make us wait this length of time for those owners who got burned out," explained Bowie. "Some are still paying on their mortgage, and paying maintenance fees on land that is of no use."

The condo building had to be leveled just a few months after the fire. A vacant grass filled lot is all that remains of the property.

Bowie blamed the former condo association for under insuring the property, and creating delays that have caused her to go without her insurance money.

Bowie told NewsChannel5 the former condo association board made three insurance settlement offers, but said they were all under the value of her condo and all of her possessions.

A new Georgetown of the Highlands condo association was appointed earlier this year, as well as new association Attorney David Lynch.

Nancy Agin is another condo owner who believes both the old and new condo associations have not lived up to their promises.

"Oh they keep telling me they'll get back to me and finally give my insurance money," said Agin. "They said, 'by September 15 Mrs. Agin, you'll have your money.' That date has come and gone."

Agin and Bowie contacted 5 On Your Side Troubleshooter Joe Pagonakis in the search for a solution to this case. NewsChannel5 contacted condo association Attorney David Lynch, who responded immediately, and promised all issues would be resolved within six weeks.

Lynched issued the following statement:

"Georgetown of the Highlands recently elected a new Board of Trustees who came on to the Board for the purpose of ending the injustice of these owners not receiving compensation for the loss of their units."

"The new board immediately passed a resolution requiring that burned unit owners be refunded any association fees they may have paid since the fire and the board ordered that they are relieved from paying dues and that they have full voting rights restored until they are compensated."

"As the new attorney hired for this purpose, I expect to be able deliver checks for an agreed amount before the end of October, 2012."

"This matter is a top priority, because the delays of the past almost three years are inexcusable. Although the situation was likely complicated by the fact that five of the eight units are either underwater in their mortgages or already foreclosed or owned by banks, it is way past time to resolve this issue."

NewsChannel5 requested account information from the condo association, and confirmed through documentation, all insurance funds are still available.

5 On Your Side will continue to follow-up on this developing story.

Meanwhile, Agin is hoping her long wait for her insurance money will soon come to an end.

"Thank you to NewsChannel5. I'll appreciate it when the money comes in," said Agin. "There is no excuse for this at all."

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