Disabled veteran upset over drivers parking in between van accessible parking spots

Took pictures of accessible parking violators

SAGAMORE HILLS, Ohio - Some drivers in northeast Ohio are appalled by motorists who are now parking their vehicles in the loading area in between two van-accessible parking spots.

A Sagamore Hills veteran sent the NewsChannel5 Solutions Center a picture of a violator clearly parking in the marked neutral zone in front of the Marc's location on West Aurora Road.

The veteran reported its a violation that is happening all too often; he's concerned not enough has been done to punish these discourteous drivers.

Ray Grayzak, a disabled driver who relies on accessible parking, believes it's as big a violation as illegally parking in an actual accessible spot.

"You see the cross mark here, that stands for no parking," said Grayzak. "Yes definitely, they should get at least a $25 fine, if not more. It's $250 if you get caught in a handicapped spot, maybe it should be a $250 fine really. But a minimum $25 fine anyway."

NewsChannel5 contacted Sagamore Hills Police Chief David Hayes, and he verified the Ohio Revised Code when it comes to parking in the zone between accessible spots.

"It's very discourteous to handicapped individuals to park in between two handicapped signs knowing that it's a prohibited space," explained Hayes.

"They'll get citation, they'd have a right to go to court and appeal the citation. It can be up to a $250 fine."

Hayes explained the zone in between two van-accessible spots is still considered to be part of the protected area, according to Ohio law.

"In a case like this the violators would also be responsible for court costs, if convicted," said Hayes. "No one should be parking in that area."

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