Cuyahoga Falls swimming pool project held in limbo after bad concrete work

Consumers must check a subcontractors background

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio - It's a good day to swim here in northeast Ohio with temperatures well into 80s, but Marsha Ackermanns' Cuyahoga Falls built-in swimming pool is nowhere near completion.

It's a pool project the Ackermanns' booked with Homestead Pools of Salem, Ohio back on June 21. The couple signed a contract and issued the company a $2,000 down payment.

Ackermann told NewsChannel5 she was promised the pool would be completed in several weeks, but now 10 months later, she's still dealing with just a hole in her backyard. 

"OK here is my mess," Ackermann said. "We have looked at this for months and months and months."

Ackermann claims Homestead Pools sent out pool subcontractor Art Frantz to start the job and that's when things went terribly wrong.

"It started bad from the very beginning," Ackermann said. "When they did the dig, the original dig, it was all off because they did not have the right dimensions."

"They tried putting the sides in, they were all off because the dig was off. They tried putting the liner in, the liner was wrong. The whole concrete job is a big botch job."

The Ackermanns' contacted Homestead Pools and the company verified major problems at the job site, but the company blamed all issues on subcontractor Frantz.

"He should have never been sent out to our house in the first place," Ackermann said. "Everything that he's done at our house has been wrong."

The Ackermanns' contacted NewsChannel5 after they claim Homestead Pools was not responding in getting their pool project back on course.

"We're not happy at all, everything that they have promised us has gone nowhere," Ackermann said. "They promised us stuff and they've not fulfilled any of their promises."

5 On Your Side contacted Homestead Pools and the company responded immediately. The company said it was already in the process of finding a new concrete contractor and pledged it would no longer be referring subcontractor Frantz to any future pool installations.

Homestead Pool apologized for the delays and agreed it would have the Ackermanns' pool completed within the next several weeks.

So far NewsChannel5 has been unable to reach subcontractor Frantz for this story. Ackermann admits she did not obtain a complete contract with Frantz, and did not check his background, his references or his work record.

"In retrospect we would have done a lot more investigating into Art Frantz,"Ackermann said. "We've since heard he's messed a lot of other pools."

Consumers are urged to do background checks on all contractors involved with a pool installation. Check the company Better Business Bureau record, check all references, and ask to see work samples before signing a contract.

Homeowners should ask to see a contractors current insurance certificate, make sure a contractors is properly bonded and is licensed to do work in their city.

NewsChannel5 will continue to follow-up on this developing story.

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