Consumers have options when reporting Cleveland Water Department complaints

Consumers can now use Facebook to report issues

CLEVELAND - Over the past year, the Cleveland Division of Water has pledged to improve customer service and curtail the numerous billing issues that have left hundreds of consumers frustrated and searching for answers.

The Cleveland Division of Water has now expanded its ability to respond to consumers in an effort to improve response time and deal with a large number complaints.

The water department launched a new "one-call" phone system several months ago, and has a series of phone numbers listed on its website at ( ) that consumers can use to find the customer service help they're looking for.  

Water department customers can file their complaints online by filling out a form listed  in the "contact us" section of water department website ( ).

Consumers are also invited to write letters and send in copies of documentation outlining their customer service problems to: City of Cleveland, Division of Water, P.O Box 94540, Cleveland, Ohio 44101.  The water department address and a complete list of payment options can be found at  on the water department website ( ).

The Cleveland Division of Water has even set-up its own Facebook page ( ) where consumers can file their complaints, comments and concerns.

Water Department director Barry Withers reports the average wait time on customer service calls has dropped from a high of 45 minutes, to just 3 to 5 minutes. 

"We're working hard to get better when it comes to customer service," said Withers. "We want our customer service to be as good as the quality of our water."

This story is the second in a series of stories will be producing concerning problems and solutions at the Cleveland Division of Water over the next two weeks. Coming up on Friday morning, we'll give you complete information on the best way to file a Cleveland Division of Water complaint with the Ohio Attorney General, and get results.

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