Congressman David Joyce responds to Painesville CSX train complaints

Heisley Park residents turn to NewsChannel5

PAINESVILLE, Ohio - Dozens of homeowners living in the Painesville Heisley Park subdivision are hoping a little help from their Congressman will go a long way in solving issues they're having with CSX trains rolling by their neighborhood.

Rep. David Joyce (R) from Ohio's 14th congressional district toured their neighborhood, and was on the scene as several trains filled the tracks behind their homes.

Residents have been complaining to Painesville city leaders over the past year about excessive train whistles and trains parking and idling near their properties.

Homeowners also turned to the NewsChannel5 Solutions Center last week , in the search for a compromise with CSX.

Residents report the excessive train whistles are keeping them up at all hours of the night.

Homeowners even sent pictures and video to NewsChannel5 of trains they claim parked near their houses for days, creating noise and fumes.

Heisley Park homeowners like Angela Tutolo are pleased Joyce is willing to help them communicate with CSX officials.

"I think it's great that we have a lot of people wanting to represent and help us to try and find a solution to the problem," said Tutolo.

"I like living in our development, and I like our neighbors, and I care about our neighbors. But then when there is problem, you have to solve a problem, you can't just sweep it under the carpet and think it's going to go away. It's not going away, so here we are trying to make a difference and trying to do it in a peaceful way."

Joyce told NewsChannel5 he'll work with the Chairman on the Committee of Transportation and Infrastructure in the search for a solution.

"We're working on a transportation bill, and we'll bring it to Chairman Shuster attention that there's been some issues here," said Rep. Joyce "It seems that there's been a lot of bad behavior here that's creating problems for people, because they deserve a good night's sleep. Obviously they moved close to the railroad tracks; they understand it's not going to be perfect, but it should be right."

Joyce acknowledged CSX has made some effort with regard to train whistles and parking, but reports more needs to be done.

"After we have a chance to look at it first hand, we'll bring in the Federal Railroad Administration and get them involved in the discussions," said Joyce, "as well as CSX, and get to the bottom of it and try and get it resolved."

The NewsChannel5 Solution Center contacted CSX about this case, and the company agreed to look into its train whistle and parking protocol in Painesville.

CSX issued the following statement to Painesville city officials in response to complaints about trains parked behind the subdivision:

We are:

  • Reviewing the potential for staging trains along the capacity siding at varying intervals to avoid locomotive visibility to the residents. 
  • Reviewing existing rules standards as it pertains to the sounding of the train's horn when a moving train approaches a non-moving train on the siding.
  • Including written guidance for the CSX dispatching service to make every attempt to avoid staging trains in this capacity siding.
  • Meeting again later this spring with City officials to conduct a site visit along the capacity siding and review operational standards and potential modifications.

 NewsChannel5 and will continue to bring you the latest information on this developing story.

Residents like Amy Claire understand federal safety standards require train whistles, but she's just hoping for some minor changes in train protocol.

"So if they could just get together with us and find a solution," said Claire. "Whether it be to park somewhere else, and only beep the horn when they have to."


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