Cleveland woman waits 11 months for TV repairs

Paid TV repair company $435 in advance

CLEVELAND - Veronica Lilly of Cleveland was hoping to quickly repair an old big screen television that has sentimental value to her family.

So, she hired R.E.S, a TV Service out of Mentor to do the job, paying the company $435 in cash up-front.  

"The color was messed up in the television, and he said he could have it fixed in no more than 30 days," explained Lilly.

"I know this TV is old, but it was given to me by my son. My son passed away and I wanted to make sure that I got it fixed. So I asked him 'could he fix it,' and he told me 'yes,' even on my receipt."

But Lilly told NewsChannel5, a 30 day promise turned into 11 months of frustration. Lilly reports she called the TV repair shop several times, but each time she was given a series of excuses.

"Then he told me to find someone who could put the circuit board back in for me, because he didn't have the time, he said his back was hurting, he was sick," said Lilly.

Lilly contacted the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center, and NewsChannel5 Troubleshooter Joe Pagonakis contacted the company.

R.E.S. TV Service responded immediately, and told NewsChannel5 delays on repairs to Lilly's TV were caused by "her bad attitude."

The company agreed to quickly send Lilly's repaired circuit board and $50 dollars so she could pay another repairman to plug in the restored components.

R.E.S. TV currently has an 'F" rating with the Cleveland Better Business Bureau for failing to respond to consumer complaints.

Consumers are urged to thoroughly check a companies BBB record and references before issuing any cash, and never pay 100% for a repair up-front.

Meanwhile, Lilly has some advice for her TV repairman.

"He's very unprofessional, he needs to get out of that business," said Lilly. "He needs to give me my money back, and I want my board.."

NewsChannel5 plans to follow-up on this developing story.

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