Cleveland students rescue 30 year old woman from Fulton Road bridge

Students held onto woman's ankles to stop her fall

CLEVELAND - It was supposed to be yet another typical walk to James Rhodes High School on Cleveland's west side, but for 9th grader Dontaz Bailey, and 10th grader Juan Goins, it was a walk they will never forget.

Bailey and Goins were left stunned after they watched a 30 year old woman scale the safety fence on the Fulton Road bridge on Friday morning. Police say the woman was attempting to take her own life, but Bailey and Goins were determined to prevent that from happening.

The students quickly ran to the womans aid, grabbing both of her ankles, while trying to flag down passing cars.

"I hated to see that woman jump," said Bailey. "That bridge is so high up." "She kept saying she wanted to die," Goins said. "we asked her why, but she wouldn't tell us."

The students struggled with the woman for nearly ten minutes, until police and other residents arrived.

Police report both teens didn't stay on the scene to receive accolades from witnesses, instead they quickly made their way to school, so they wouldn't be late for their classes.

It was an incident that made their mothers proud. "I instilled that in him, where he should take time out to think of somebody else other than himself," said Faye Bailey.  

"His family and especially me were very proud," said Juan Goins mother, Betzaida Robles. "It shows me as a mom that I'm doing a good job."

Cleveland Police say the woman was safely taken into custody. Both students are receiving plenty of praise from their principal Sheila Rollins.

Both students learned important life lessons, and have a message for the woman they saved.

"We saved her life, it was an honor to save her," said Goins. "But that's no way to solve your problems."

"I really love you, I hope you have a good life," said Bailey. "You scared us both, please don't try and do that again."




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