Cleveland residents upset with lingering gas line project

Residents claim they can't get a project update

CLEVELAND - Residents living along Ralph Avenue in Cleveland, near W. 32nd Street, are wondering how much longer their neighborhood will have to cope with an ongoing gas line project.

Residents claim the project is now in its seventh month and is showing no signs of wrapping up anytime soon. 

Michael McDonald, who lives near the project, contacted the NewsChannel5 Solutions Center, after he claims he attempted to get an update on the project from Dominion East Ohio Gas on numerous occasions, and so far has been unable to get a straight answer.

Residents like Kathy McCarthy are concerned the project is a lingering potential hazard.

"It's a big safety issue, especially for the kids around here," explained McCarthy. "It's an issue for the animals, people walking their dogs. They haven't said a word as to why they did it, or how long it's going to take."

McCarthy told NewsChannel5 she's seen very little progress on the project since the beginning of the year.

"No hardly ever. I saw them out here once, and that was it,' said McCarthy. "They haven't returned, not that I know of, no. it's just sitting there like that."

Neighbor Ed Randolph is concerned about the deep holes that have been left by the project. He'd like the gas company to better secure the construction site and repair some issues in front of his house, caused by the project.

"They come out here every once in a while, and they've left big giant holes in the ground," said Randolph. "The machines that they were using to dig the holes, they were put in the ground, and the weight of it cracked the sidewalk. I mean at least they could have fixed our sidewalks."

Randolph told NewsChannel5 he believes crews are trying to repair low gas pressure issues in the neighborhood, but he never expected it would take so long to repair the problem.

NewsChannel5 contacted Dominion East Ohio about the project, the company responded immediately and issued the following statement:

"Dominion East Ohio is replacing mainline near the intersection of West 32nd Street and Ralph Avenue in the City of Cleveland to ensure safe and reliable natural gas service to area customers.

Dominion launched the project this winter after customers experienced isolated service outages resulting from water infiltrating into the system.

After responding to scattered individual water issues, the company decided to replace about 600 feet of mainline to prevent further service interruptions.

The company is replacing the steel main with corrosion-resistant plastic line to resolve problems with the original line. As part of the project, Dominion also is replacing the service lines that run from the mainline to the customer’s homes. To monitor and ensure that the project has resolved the water issue, the company had to leave some access holes, with temporary covers.

The project is scheduled for completion June 13, 2014 if no additional issues arise. Restoration work will commence after the pipeline replacement is completed. Weather permitting, restoration is expected to be completed in two to three weeks after pipeline replacement work concludes."

Dominion explained residents can always call its customer service hotline to get the latest on gas line projects

Meanwhile, residents like Kathy McCarthy want the peace and quite restored to their neighborhood as soon as possible.

"Get out here and fix it." said McCarthy. "Clean it up. If it's done, then clean up the job and move on."

NewsChannel5 and will keep you updated on this developing story.


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