Cleveland residents claim west side street has been neglected for years

Some potholes are more than 6 feet long

CLEVELAND - Dan Green has lived on Cleveland's west side for more than 14 years, but he claims one street in his neighborhood is so neglected it must not be on city maps or GPS.

Green lives on W. 146th Street, right next to Justin Avenue, off of West 150 Street.

Green and other residents living in the neighborhood showed NewsChannel5 the extremely poor road conditions on Justin Avenue, a side street Green claims has been neglected for years.

"The road is so bad here, my mom won't even come to visit me," said Green. "The potholes here are real car killers."

Green pointed to car suspension parts that can be found along Justin Avenue. Green claims he's called numerous city departments about service issues on the street, but he says on numerous occasions city crews have trouble finding the pothole filled side street. 

"Every time I mention the street Justin they want to know how to spell it, they're real confused, there's real long pauses,' said Green. "They just don't seem to know where it's at."

John Fabry is another resident who believes the city needs a greater service response in his neighborhood.

"This road is an abomination," said Fabry. "Just take a ride down this street in your own car and tell me what you think you should do."

Residents claim snow plowing is another issue on Justin Avenue during the winter.

"You'll have to ask the powers that be why it just doesn't seem to get any attention," explained Green. "It's hardly snow plowed, very rarely snow plowed. I miss 3-4 days of work a year because I can't even get out of this area."

In response to neighborhood complaints, NewsChannel5 contacted Cleveland Councilman Martin Sweeney about this case, and his office responded immediately.

Sweeney's office said it would survey the road conditions of Justin Avenue in the coming days and determine if the side street is on the 2014 resurfacing list.

NewsChannel5 also reached out to the mayor's office in an effort to reach Cleveland Public Works Director Michael Cox.

Residents are hoping NewsChannel5 will follow-up on this developing situation.

"NewsChannel5 has helped other people, and I thought may be you guys could help this area, and help the street a little bit, and help some of the people that live here," said Green. "It's really, really bad."

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