Cleveland man deals with car title trouble for more than three months

Typo on car title holds plate renewal in limbo

CLEVELAND - Gentry Tillman bought his "dream car" three months ago, a 2006 Mercedes roadster.

The car is in pristine condition, but problems occurred when he tried to get plates and new stickers for the vehicle. 

"When I went to BMV to get a sticker on my birthday, the car had no title," said Tillman. "I bought the car Nov. 19, and this has been just a couple of weeks go that I went to the BMV to find out about a title."

Tillman contacted the car dealer and the Ohio Attorney General's office about the mystery title, but told NewsChannel5 he was getting few answers several weeks later.  

"Technically I'm driving around illegally, I could have gone to jail and no one even called to tell me," explained Tillman. "I would have never known had I not gone to the BMV to get a sticker. Had I been stopped I certainly would have been in jail. Had I gone to Florida I probably would be in jail."

Tillman called the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center, and we worked with the Ohio Attorney General in search of answers.

It turns out the car's title was being held in limbo because of an incorrectly typed vehicle identification number by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The Ohio Attorney General's office assured NewsChannel5 the inaccuracy will be corrected and a new title will be issued in the coming days. 

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles encourages motorist to call any of its information lines if they're having issues with car titles or plate renewals.

Drivers should also feel free to report problems to the Ohio Attorney General's office if they aren't getting the help they deserve.

Tillman was pleased the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center helped him find an answer to his title trouble.

"You guys give people a voice, poor people like myself, you guys give people a voice," said Tillman. "I can't afford an attorney for this kind of thing, so I have to fight the best way I can. You guys got my back, you're on my side, I certainly agree with that."

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