Cleveland hit and run victim deals with insurance claim issues

Family SUV was totaled by neighbor

CLEVELAND - Karen Lloyd of Cleveland is having a tough time replacing her 2001 Ford Explorer, after it was hit by a neighbor who left the scene.

Lloyd's SUV was parked in front of her home, when the early morning collision took place two weeks ago.

"I saw her car hit my car dead center," said Lloyd. "There were no brake lights, her car backed up, and she proceed to her driveway."

"She ran into her house. I was taken back. She couldn't even come out and face me and say I'm sorry."

Lloyd called police, and her neighbor was cited at the scene, but it took days for her neighbor to apologize and give her the proper insurance information.

"I went six days without a vehicle," said Lloyd. "Thank goodness I'm not working right now, or I would have lost my job."

Lloyd told NewsChannel5 Troubleshooter Joe Pagonakis the insurance claim was made more complicated because her neighbor was actually driving a vehicle that was titled to a boyfriend.

Lloyd issued plenty of advice when dealing with a hit and run accident.

"Make sure you get the person's name, phone numbers, complete address, and driver license information. File a police report on the incident, and ask if the driver if the vehicle involved is titled to them, or someone else."

To matters worse, Lloyd said she's now in battle with Nationwide Insurance over the value of her totaled Explorer.

"Nationwide has been responsive, but they only want to give me $1,700 for my car," said Lloyd. " The NADA guide shows that my car is worth $2,400."

NewsChannel5 contacted Nationwide Insurance corporate headquarters, and the company replied immediately.

Nationwide Insurance issued the following statement concerning Mrs. Lloyd's case:

"Nationwide is unable to provide specific comments regarding a particular claim. However, Nationwide handles all claims promptly and fairly, based on the unique facts and circumstances of the individual claim and in accordance with the insurance policy provisions and applicable law."

"Nationwide bases its valuation of a damaged vehicle upon the unique aspects of the particular vehicle, accepted industry research guides, the local automotive market, and similar factors."

"Nationwide is committed to exceptional customer service and is always willing and available to discuss with a customer his or her concerns, as well as consider additional facts relating to a particular claim."

"I've been through a lot, and I just want to replace what I lost," said Lloyd. "I've gone shopping, and it's going to cost me $3,000 just to replace my SUV."

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