Cleveland woman forced to carry home water supply in buckets after frozen pipe fiasco

Frozen pipes cut water supply, waiting for repairs

CLEVELAND - Aolder King never expected she'd have to carry 30-pound buckets of water up from her basement, just so she could wash the dishes and flush her toilets.

King's water supply was cut after a frozen pipe ruptured back on Jan. 28.

King contacted the 5 On Your Side Solution Center and explained she paid a plumber $200 to repair the broken pipe, but he never followed up on the job.

King showed NewsChannel5 Troubleshooter Joe Pagonakis how she was able to set up a temporary spigot in her basement, allowing her to draw water into buckets.

"I don't know, I'm just trying to keep strong," said King. "I had a couple of heart attacks already. I'm trying to keep strong, but taking water upstairs just to flush the toilet that's hard too."

King admits the frozen pipe was caused by an interruption of heating in her basement, but she believes the plumber should complete the job and ensure her pipes have proper insulation.

"I haven't been able to wash my dishes, they're upstairs in the sink," explained King. "As for showers, I'm a private person, I got kids, but I like to bathe at home, so I've done without one."

NewsChannel5 contacted the plumber in this case and he explained he had already repaired Mrs. King's water twice this winter. The plumber won't be named in this story because he's agreed to follow up on the jobs and add insulation.

King will restore the heat to her basement in the coming days.

Consumers must ensure their repaired plumbing has exposure to adequate heat and insulation to prevent pipes for freezing a second time.

Consumers should include insulation improvements, if needed, in a written contract when hiring a plumber for frozen pipe repairs.

NewsChannel5 will follow up on this developing story.


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