CLE mother deals with roaches and bed bugs, landlord slow to help

Woman contacted NewsChannel5 Solutions Center

CLEVELAND - Patricia Chambers is having trouble sleeping at the duplex she rents on Cleveland's west side.

Chambers can't stop thinking about the bed bugs and roaches she claims are running rampant in her second-floor unit.

Chambers sent pictures of the bugs captured on her smartphone to the NewsChannel5 Solutions Center , after she reported her landlord has failed to take action for weeks.

Chambers told NewsChannel5 she's current with her rent and keeps her unit neat and clean, but her landlord won't respond.

"I have an itching feeling everyday, everyday," explained Chambers. "The bed bug we found, it was on my daughter's back, and it was an adult full of blood cause I squashed it."

Chambers contacted the Cleveland Health Department hoping it would produce some results and get her landlord to send out an exterminator.

Chambers had a strong message for her landlord.

"What I would tell him? Be true to his tenants, respect them, don't belittle them,' said Chambers. "I don't think anybody would like to live this. It would be fixed right away if it was his house."

NewsChannel5 contacted the landlord by telephone, and he responded immediately.

We won't name the landlord at this point because he pledged to have a pest control expert on the case within the next two days.

Tenants should contact their city building or health department if they have been dealing with bugs for more than a week.

Tenants can also take action with their city housing court and have their rent held in a court-appointed escrow account until their landlord gets rid of the pest problem.

NewsChannel5 will continue to follow up to ensure the landlord lives up to his promise.

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