Brunswick family left with unfinished yard due to failed landscaping contract

Paid $5,500 down on the job back in Aug. 2013

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - Raven Kauffman and her husband were excited to build their Brunswick dream home but a failed landscaping contract has left them living with a mess for 11 months.

"We lose sleep over it, we're stressed about it," said Kauffman. "I have nightmares about it, to me it's ridiculous."

Kauffman contacted the 5 On Your Side Solution Center after she paid a landscaping company $5,500 upfront for the job back in August 2013.

Kauffman showed NewsChannel5 her weed-filled front lawn and the piles of wood and broken concrete that have been sitting in her lot for several months.

"I just want to have our lawn done that goes with our deck, have people over, just enjoy the summer and the seasons," said Kauffman. "Here we are in the summer, we still don't have a yard, my son can't go play outside, we have nothing to show for it."

Kauffman explained that repeated calls and promises made by the contractor to finish the job have produced few results. Kauffman is concerned her neighbors are getting tired of living near an eyesore.

To make matters worse, Kauffman discovered her landscaper didn't even pull the proper permits for the job.

"When you tell us you're going to do it the right way and do it with quality we expect you to get the proper permits and get everything in line," said Kauffman. "The city is coming out an looking at me and saying 'you don't have the proper permits for this, and by the way you're going to be responsible for whatever happens.'"

NewsChannel5 contacted the contractor to get his side of the story. We won't the name company involved because it's now on the right track toward completion of the project.

5 On Your Side Advice: Consumers need to call their city building department to determine if the contractor they're considering is licensed to work in their community.

The contractor should also be willing to provide proof he has the proper in insurance and permits to do the job, before consumers sign a contract and issue a down payment.

Meanwhile Kauffman is hoping progress will continue on her new lawn, landscaping and concrete walkway. 

"I'm hopeful, I'm trying to have a talk with him, I've been constant contact with him," said Kauffman. "I told him 'hey, I'm excited to have you do the work for us, you did get quality across the street, and down the street.'" You're working, what can we come to as an agreement?"

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