Brook Park woman fights back against moving company damage

Couch, bedroom suit, freezer damaged in move

BROOK PARK, Ohio - Patricia Woodward was hoping her short move from Lakewood to Brook Park would have gone more smoothly.

Woodward showed NewsChannel5 her damaged couch, freezer and bedroom set; damage she claimed was caused by her moving company.

Woodward paid Moving Experts $300 to move her belongings in November 2013. She quickly filed a damage claim with the company to help pay for repairs.

"I kept the email from when I sent them the pictures," explained Woodward. "I told them exactly what they had done. I had to explain that. I put the value of everything they had wrecked."

Woodward told NewsChannel5 she was stunned when the company only offered her a $62 settlement for the damage.

"For one thing they're not giving me anything for my stuff, they're giving me $62," said Woodward. "The other thing is you're going to make me wait that many months to even try and resolve these issues. I've called them, I have on the front of this file the 14 or 15 times that I've called them."

NewsChannel5 contacted the Cleveland Better Business Bureau and discovered Moving Experts was the subject of more than 50 consumer complaints in the past three years, and has been issued and "F" rating.

Woodward admits she didn't do her homework when choosing a moving company, and didn't accept the moving insurance that was offered.

"I'll be honest with you, I didn't check the rating, I should have," said Woodward. "If I move again, I will be checking the ratings to see how people are rated."

NewsChannel5 contacted Moving Experts, and the company responded immediately.

Moving Experts has now issued Woodward $165 to help repair her damaged items.

The company issued the following statement in response to our story:

"We continue to work with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) on a consistent basis so that we may answer any questions they have and give any answers to questions and concerns clients have.  Ms. Betty Kreter has been our main contact and she has been great in assisting our company."

"Moving Experts would also like to let clients out there know that when it comes to insurance on a move, you have options.  Our team makes it very clear as to what options are available from the time we talk to the client till the time the movers arrive at the clients destination."

"Our phones are answered consistently with questions and we provide everything in writing before we complete the sale and then get everything signed again when the move begins."

"We strive for exceptional customer service and we demand it from our sales staff, movers, and managers."

Consumers are urged to accept the moving insurance, even if the move is just across town. Homeowners should read the moving contract carefully and pay close attention to how much damage compensation is offered per pound.

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