Brook Park contractor makes good after being convicted of taking money and not doing any work

Pledged to make restitution to all customers

BROOK PARK, Ohio - Brook Park contractor Joseph Fasino seems determined to make things right for all his customers, despite being convicted of taking down payments from three clients and not doing any work.

Fasino was found guilty on felony charges by Cuyahoga County Judge Nancy Margaret Russo on June 12 and is now facing possible jail time.

But Fasino told NewsChannel5 a comeback is in the works.  Fasino responded to the Cleveland home of Cindi Gullatta last week, making big progress on a landscaping job he was contracted to do back in April 2013.

Gullatta was impressed by Fasino's effort and hopes he'll follow through on the landscaping work. Gullatta paid $1,100 upfront, but has been looking at nothing but weeds in her front beds for the past 16 months.

"He did come out yesterday in good faith and went over everything that had to be done," explained Gullatta. "I believe he is making an effort to show that he's trying to make good on his promises. I won't know if he's truly reformed until he gets the job completed."

Gullatta sent NewsChannel5 pictures of her landscaping job in progress. Fasino delivered trees to her home and hopes to have the everything in place by the end of the week.

Fasino issued the following statement in response to our story:

"I am not a sham business owner. I never set out to do anything wrong. I am currently working with my customers to complete projects in lieu of the current situation.

I may have made some bad business decisions, and other things may have factored into the situation, but I will continue to do right by both my current and past customers.

I do intend to do right by my customers, as well as make attempts to refund money. I have done more right than wrong to help many people, and I hope I am not judged by my few poor business decisions."

Fasino is scheduled to be sentenced on the felony convictions on July 11. NewsChannel5 and will follow-up on this developing story.

Meanwhile, Gullatta offered some advice when booking a contractor for a summer renovation project.

"Yes, don't pay any cash upfront, and check them out before you sign that contract," said Gullatta. "Check the Better Business Bureau, and other avenues before signing anything."

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