Bedford woman left frustrated by bundled cable offer

Thought she qauilfied for free tablet computer

BEDFORD, Ohio - Donna Czarnecki of Bedford enjoys the companionship provided by her dog Ziggy and her Time Warner Cable service.

So when she saw the opportunity to bundled her phone, internet, and cable service, she jumped at the chance, especially because the offer included a free tablet computer.

"They have these commercials on every five minutes," explained Czarnecki. "Time Warner told me that if I had a 'triple play,' which is internet, phone and cable, that I would be eligible. I questioned it, because I called back several times to make sure this was true."

But Czarnecki was left disappointed four months later, after Time Warner explained her new bundled cable package didn't qualify her for the free tablet computer. Czarnecki was told she didn't purchase fast enough internet service with her cable package to earn her the free promotional item. 

"They told me after the fact, 'You know what, you don't qualify,' and then they're telling me months later I don't qualify," Czarnecki said. "That's just not right."

Czarnecki contacted the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center, and NewsChannel5 contacted Time Warner Cable.

The company responded immediately, and told NewsChannel5 its records show Mrs. Czarnecki never requested the bundled package that included the free tablet. The company explained there must have been some confusion about the offer.

Because of this situation, Time Warner Cable has now issued a $50 credit to Mrs. Czarnecki's account and extended six months of free Showtime service.

However Czarnecki maintains the only reason she called for the bundle service was because of the free tablet offer, and she told NewsChannel5 it was never explained to her that she need to purchase faster internet service to qualify.  

"I assumed I was getting that, because in order to qualify for it," said Czarnecki. "I was asking them for the information. They're the ones who are supposed to know the information."

Time Warner Cable issued the following statement in response to our story:

Our most popular promotions are located on our website , where disclaimers are spelled out for packages.

We also advertise packages via direct mail or email promotions, where disclaimers are spelled out on those forms of communication.

We recommend customers always thoroughly read the offer, even the fine print, and ask questions when they contact TWC customer service when interested in package offers.

Consumers should carefully review all bundled service offers, in writing, on the service provider website before signing up by phone or online.

These offers can be complicated and require the consumer to meet a series of qualifying benchmarks to obtain the free promotional item being offered. 

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