Bedford man copes with 10 repair attempts on new refrigerator

Extended warranty, multiple service calls no help

BEDFORD, Ohio - Joseph Rzeszut of Bedford was hoping his new top-of-the-line refrigerator would give him great service, but he's dealt with nothing but breakdowns and lost food over the past 18 months.

Rzeszut contacted the NewsChannel5 Solutions Center after nine service calls failed to get his Whirlpool Energy Star refrigerator back up and running.

"Less than six months after we got it, this ice maker, it filled this up with water and it froze," explained Rzeszut. "My wife will keep ice cubes up here so we can keep stuff in here."

Rzeszut told NewsChannel5 his wife has had to get ice cubes from their old refrigerator in the basement to keep the unit cold and repeatedly had to store food in their picnic cooler to keep it from spoiling.

Rzeszut paid $300 for the extended warranty and explained Whirlpool customer service was very responsive.

However, several attempts to repair the refrigerator failed, leaving the family with an emergency and plenty of hassles.

"I talked to Phyllis, I talked to Erin, I talked to Karen," said Rzeszut. This was just the last time. They're always polite, but the fridge just kept breaking." "How many repair attempts do I have to deal with? When will they just send me a new unit?"

NewsChannel5 contacted Whirlpool headquarters and the company responded immediately.

Whirlpool quickly repaired the unit a tenth time and promised to replace the unit if the fridge failed again within the next year.

Rzeszut isn't confident the current repairs will hold up and believes he should have been given a new fridge months ago.

"Stand behind your product. I stood behind you," said Rzeszut. "I wanted a new product and I wanted it made in this country."

"You sort of stood behind it, but when it doesn't work for a year, I think you ought to give me a new one."

NewsChannel5 and will follow-up on this case.

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