Bay Village couple finds large screen television recycling difficult

Sony recycling search engine gives dated locations

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio - Joe and Sheryl Krall of Bay Village love their new Sony flat screen television, but now they're having trouble finding a location that will responsibly recycle their old 46" Sony projection set.

Sheryl Krall really doesn't want the huge television to end up in a landfill.

"I would really just love to get it out of the house, and find a location that would recycle it," said Krall. "You hate to see it just get thrown into a landfill with everything that's in it."

Joe Krall believes responsible disposal of sets that are 32" and larger is a big issue for numerous northeast Ohio consumers.

"I know at least a half a dozen people that have had these sets over the years," explained Krall. "They either still have them stuffed in the garage or stuck in the basement. Or they have cut them up to try to dispose of them. Several of them still have the televisions only because they can't get the trash people to take them away either."

Sony offers a website that acts as search engine to guide consumers to responsible disposal sites for large televisions, but the Krall's report the site is only offering them dated information. They have been directed to a number of locations that no longer dispose of large televisions.

"Well it's kind of disheartening," said Krall. "You have a nice company like Sony, and they have this website, and they tell you can recycle a product. But you just wind up with a bunch of dead ends."

"I feel a little bit shortchanged on this. I feel like they made a promise to people to buy new Sony products, and we did that, and now they won't fulfill their promise in taking these back. Their website says they'll recycle anything they ever made."

NewsChannel5 contacted Sony about its website and the company quickly issued the following response to our story

Sony recycled 1.8 million pounds of electronic waste from residents in the state of Ohio in 2013. Sony is also in the process of updating the recycling website with new drop off locations.

We discontinued the trade-in, but still maintain the recycling portion. We do offer free recycling – nothing has changed about that.

What we don’t do is send a truck to individual households for pick up. Our intention remains the same, to offer convenient recycling options for our customers and to assure those customers that the recycling network we assembled manages everything responsibly.

NewsChannel5 also contacted the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District in the search for responsible television recycling locations.

Regency Technologies in Solon will pick up and recycle large televisions for a fee, as will RET3 Job Corp. in Cleveland.

Best Buy will take old televisions up to 32" in size.

Some landfills will take the old televisions, but if you want to keep them out of a landfill, be prepared to pay some dollars to recycle responsibly.

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