Ashtabula family hot tub dream delayed by pool company problems

Pool company hot tub delivery now two months late

ASHTABULA, Ohio - Cindy and Mark Estock dreamed of owning a hot tub, but when Mark passed away from cancer in Nov. 2013, it was a dream Cindy still wanted to fulfill for her children.

"Of course the kids were all excited when I told them we were thinking about getting a hot tub," said Estock. "I decided to buy the hot tub from Big Splash Pools, Supplies and More. I paid in full upfront because I thought I knew the owner of the company. I personally knew him, because he coached my youngest son in little league baseball. His oldest son is playing high school baseball with my youngest son."

Estock paid $7,157 for the five person hot tub in advance, but delivery dates have come and gone, and now more than two months later she still doesn't have the tub.

"I feel very betrayed, I can't believe that he would do this to me, being a new widow. I was just making my first purchase on my own, my first very large purchase on my own."

Estock contacted the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center, after she reports numerous phone calls and even a call from her attorney produced no results.

The company's Ashtabula showroom has now been closed until further notice.

NewsChannel5 contacted Big Splash Pools, Supplies and More and the company responded immediately.

The company owner explained a number of vendors owe him money and that's caused a cash flow problem.

The owner apologized for the delays and assured 5 On Your Side team he'd take care of Mrs. Estock within the next two weeks.

Meanwhile Cindy Estock's mother, Joyce Mansfield, warned consumers to limit upfront money when making a big purchase and to use a credit card to take advantage of the cards fraud protection.

"When it's finished you give them the rest, or use a credit card, then you're doubly covered that way," said Mansfield.

"Before you put that much money on something really investigate who you're buying from. Try to limit the down payment, yes that's for sure."

NewsChannel5 and will follow-up on this developing story.

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