Barberton nurse loses the use of her car after failed oil change

Engine had no oil, caught on fire

Barberton, Ohio - Janan Askew enjoys driving her 2011 Kia, but for more than five months the car has been idle after a failed oil change caused damage to the vehicle's engine.

Askew's boyfriend, Thomas Beliles was driver the car when the engine caught fire.

"The next thing I know the car is up in smoke, and the car isn't running,' explained Beliles. "I get out of the car, and we're in a four lane highway. I said 'hey what's going on here,' and it's just smoke everywhere, and my boss goes 'get out it's on fire.'"

Askew had her car towed to Bill Doraty Kia in Medina, and mechanics there quickly determined there wasn't any oil left in the engine.

Askew was worried she'd be left with a $6,000 repair bill and the lack of transportation for months.

"So you sit at home and you depend on people to take you places, which is a huge burden," said Askew.

Askew had an independent mechanic create an written report on what went wrong. Askew believes the oil filter somehow failed causing a massive loss of oil, after her car was given an oil change at a Valvoline location.

The Barberton nurse contacted the company and was relieved to hear Valvoline agreed to pick-up the cost of an engine replacement.

But just days later she was given some bad news.

"The engine came in and they decided they weren't going to pay for it," said Askew. "They felt it was a Kia issue, and Kia said it was a Valvoline's, and so we started the battle."

Askew contacted the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center, and NewsChannel5 contacted Valvoline headquarters.

The company responded immediately and agreed to cover the cost of the repairs.

Askew was pleased with the service she was given by Bill Doraty Kia and the 5 On Your Side Solutions Center. Her Kia is finally back on the road.

"Oh thank you so much for everything you guys did," said Askew. "Thank you, you guys were great."

"Within 24 hours you guys got my email on Monday. I got a call on Tuesday, your spoke to Valvoline on Wednesday, I talked to Valvoline on Thursday. By that Friday the engine was ordered and all was on its way."

Askew did many things all consumer should do when faced with a large auto repair that may have been caused by a repair shop.

Askew kept all her receipts, she got a written estimate on the repairs and she obtained a written independent evaluation of the damage.

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