103-year-old Beachwood woman shares her five secrets to longevity

Rollercoasters played a role in her long life

BEACHWOOD, Ohio - Esther Saginor of Beachwood couldn't stop smiling during her birthday party, hosted by family and friends on Dec. 14 at the Old Carolina Barbeque Company in Lyndhurst.

Saginor explained it's easy to be happy when you've just turned 103, as she sat among grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.

"I'm very lucky that I still have the ability to talk and to walk, and to see people and to enjoy life, for however long it will be," said Saginor with a laugh.

NewsChannel5 first introduced Saginor to northeast Ohio back in 1996: 85-year-old woman takes on coasters at Geauga Lake .

I had the unique opportunity to ride a series of rollercoasters with Esther at the long closed Geauga Lake Park, the entire experience captured on video by way of the amazing talents of  NewsChannel5 multimedia journalist Tom Livingston.

While celebrating more than a century of living, I asked to Esther to share her top 5 longevity secrets. 

#1) Ride Rollercoasters

It was 17 years ago that Esther told me how rollercoasters are one of her keys to longevity, and now that she's turned 103, who could argue with her?

"I think they kept me healthy, they kept me moving, and speed never bothered me," Saginor explained with a grin. "I love the excitement of going up an down on them, and the feel of the wind in your face as well. The feeling just before you go down a deep hill - that makes you say 'oh that's going to be wonderful.'"

Saginor continued to ride rollercoasters well into her 90s.

#2) Don't worry, be happy

Esther explained worrying all the time is the biggest thing that can shorten a person's life.

"Well, I don't worry," said Saginor. "My husband was a worry wart, so I became the opposite. Whatever's going to happen will happen, and you'll manage to meet it and handle it."

#3) Spend more time with people, less time with things

Esther believes people need to all they can to spend more time with family and friends, and spend less time staring into computers and smartphones. Saginor explained her family has been the backbone of her long life, especially after having two knee replacements several years ago.

#4) Eat what you want when you want, but eat in moderation 

Saginor told me she has never restricted her diet in any way, but she never eats or drinks too much of one thing.

"I eat the things I like, but I don't eat very much of them," explained Saginor. "I like chocolate, but it can keep you up at night when you get a little older."

#5) Volunteer and help others

Esther believes one of her biggest longevity secrets is taking time to volunteer and help other people. Esther made it clear volunteering has been one of her biggest joys.

"Doing things and providing for others. I belong to a lot of organizations that help other people," said Saginor. "I feel that there's a great need, and I'm delighted to be able to help."

Saginor summed up her longevity with a few more thoughts on how ridiculous it is for people to worry about things they have no control over.

"Most people should be able to, if they thought about it, and stop worrying," said Saginor. "Worry doesn't get you anywhere does it, there's no point to it. Life is too precious, there are too many good things to enjoy, and people should enjoy them."

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