Top credit cards to help you save on gas

The high price of gas is affecting all of us who drive a car. You can't control the price, but you can control how much you actually pay. NewsChannel 5 takes an in-depth look at major credit cards that offer gas rebates and reveals which ones are best for your wallet.

Don't let these high gas l prices scare you into staying at home. You can save hundreds of dollars a year if you know the best options. lists the benefits of more than 1,000 gas cards and we narrow down the best cards that you can use. Some cards are affiliated with specific gas stations. Other cards act just like your Visa or MasterCard and will work at any location.

The Pentagon Federal Credit Union platinum cash reward s is at the top of the list for flexibility and benefits. It gives you five percent cash back on gas purchases at any station, plus one percent cash back on everything else you buy. There is no annual fee, but you do have to join Pen Fed at a cost of $15.

Groceries and gas tend to be two of the biggest monthly expenses that you can't avoid. The Blue Cash everyday card from American Express will help you save on both. This one offers two percent cash back at gas stations and department stores, three percent at grocery stores and one percent on everything else. There is no annual fee.

That is the key to using any credit card. Greg McBride, senior financial analyst with says if you carry a balance, it can easily outweigh any of the rewards you've earned. "The math is pretty simple. You're getting maybe one, two, maybe three percent back on your purchases but the interest rates are 12 to 18 percent," said McBride. He also said when looking for the best card, consider all of your spending patterns to see which type of card will most benefit your lifestyle.

We did the math and found that with most of these cards, the most you're saving is a few hundred dollars a year with the rewards. It's worth the savings if you can commit to paying off your entire balance every single month.

The best card for you may not be a gasoline branded rewards credit card. It may be a cash-back card that gives you a higher payout.

There are even more ways to save. Several smartphone apps like show you the closest gas station with the cheapest price. Grocery store reward cards can bring the cost of a gallon down even more.

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