Tips for traveling on a budget this summer

CLEVELAND - No matter where you're going this summer, there are plenty of ways to travel, even on a tight budget.

Rob Stiver is always looking for ways he and his family of four can save a little cash. He starts by packing plenty of snacks for his sons.
"If there is food you can bring with you, if you have the room to pack it, it's better to do that. Prepare some stuff to take along with you," said Stiver.
Food is one of the biggest expenses when you're on-the-go. So it's not a bad idea to book a hotel where breakfast is included. That can save a family of four a minimum of $20 per day.

Stiver tries to book hotel rooms with kitchens. "We booked a suite. It has a refrigerator and stove and microwave, so we can actually make some of our own meals and not have to go out and get fast food. It saves us money, plus it's better for us too," said Stiver.

Before you hit the road, look for Groupons and Living Social specials. Sometimes you can save 50 percent on daily deals.

Travelers can also trim lodging costs by hundreds of dollars, by simply splitting the cost.
"Look into things such as a condominium where you may have at least two or three families sharing the cost," said Robert Ross, AAA Spokesperson.

Another way to save big is by bundling. You can get great deals by purchasing your airfare, hotel and rental car, all in one package.

When it comes to air travel, timing is everything. You can cut costs by avoiding peak travel times.
"Most of the time you'll find out that mid-week is the most economical time to travel. Aim for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday if you can," said Ross.

Experts say, it's never too early to purchase your airline reservation.

"What you may think is a good deal today may not necessarily be a good deal later on if you wait," said Ross.

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