Slow blower mechanics overwhelmed by work flow

MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio - If your snow blower busts, be prepared to wait.

There's a garage full of broken blowers at Gambino Power Equipment in Maple Heights.

"We're running around. Non-stop movement," said co-owner Pat Kuzminski. "The machines are coming in and people are picking them up as fast as we can fix them".

But even with two full-time mechanics working late hours customers still have to wait about a week for a fixed snow blower.

"An average machine takes about and hour and a half to tune up," said Kuzminski. "And I've got about 100 machines back there."

NewsChannel5 contacted nearly a dozen other repair shops and all of them had similar work loads.

Mechanics say the most common problems occur to the snow blowers carburetor and fuel line. Many people don't run the blowers gas tank empty before storing it away for the spring and summer. Gasoline in the tank can cause corrosion over those snowless months.