Saving you money: Top tips to keep your bill down when dining out

CLEVELAND - With the warm weather, many people want to skip cooking at home and head to a restaurant to eat but that can get pricey. However, there are ways to make your dining experience, more budget friendly.

Here are some tips from Daily Finance on keeping your restaurant check, in check.

First, instead of eating dinner out, opt for lunch. Often, restaurants offer the same items from the dinner menu but at a lower price. Portions are often a bit smaller too which helps your waistline.

Second, skip the expensive drinks and opt for water instead. Beverages are a huge source of profits for restaurants. Alcoholic drinks can be four to five times the wholesale price and soft drinks, even with free refills, can add quite a bit to your bill.

Finally do your research. Hot spots in trendy or expensive areas of town will likely pass on the cost of living to you. There are many smaller restaurants in low rent locations that can offer you great food at a much lower cost.

It also helps to use the internet. Check out online reviews of restaurants and guides to help you find a great place to eat but will not break the bank.

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