Saving money on your grocery bill: Easy tips to follow

BRUNSWICK, Ohio - A big part of a family's budget is eaten up with the weekly grocery bill. But there are ways to save on your bill.

One of the first things to keep in mind when you walk into the store is what time of year it is. Laura Pope, manager of Buehler's grocery store on Center Road in Brunswick, said, "You want to stick with the seasonal items for your best deals. You'll find citrus, potatoes, onions, squash, cabbage are great winter items, and you'll get them at cheaper prices."

They also last longer than your more delicate fruits and vegetables like asparagus or raspberries. Those items are not in season right now, and you will pay more for them.

Another way to save is to pay attention to the sale signs as you walk around the store. There are weekly deals, manager's specials and some sales that go for a whole month or more. 

Don't forget you can also buy in bulk, especially at the meat counter. You might think you're buying too much but remember leftovers can be made into other meals for later in the week. Meat also freezes well. You can divide it into smaller packages and either vacuum seal it, put it in a Ziploc bag or wrap it in wax paper, then freeze it.

"Here at Buehler's, without family packs, you get a discount just because we're selling it in the larger package. We also offer some combos where you'll save and basically have three meals in one package," said Pope.

Other good buys this time of year include cheeses and canned vegetables and soups. Pope advises filling up your pantry now because these items have long shelf lives and will last all winter.

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