Jenn Strathman consumer investigation Thursday at 11 p.m.: How to spot salvaged car

If you're in the market for a used car, watch out for "Superstorm Sandy cars" for sale anywhere in the country.

Between 250,00 and 500,000 of them are expected to resurface at a used car dealer across the United States, including in Northeast Ohio.

Cars and trucks that went through hurricanes or floods can still be restored to look great, even though the most important parts have been permanently damaged. Flood waters can damage engines, electrical systems and more.

They can also cause airbags and brakes to malfunction and make the vehicle dangerous to operate.

Crooks find "Sandy cars" a great buy because they can be picked up for pennies on the dollar from insurance companies and others. Then a few cheap, quick repairs can make them look good again, even though water-logged vehicles will not last and will likely be forever plagued with problems that will require costly repairs, if they can be fixed at all.

Coming up tonight on NewsChannel5 at 11, Consumer Advocate Jenn Strathman will explain how you can spot a salvaged car and what your rights are as a consumer if you get stuck with damaged goods.

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