Giant Eagle deals: Price cuts on meat, produce, dairy, frozen, health and beauty care, pet items

CLEVELAND - If you shop at Giant Eagle, you'll soon see lower prices on a number of items.

The supermarket announced Thursday more than 2,000 items will be part of the price reductions for more than $40 million in customer savings.

Here are some examples of items that will be part of the price cuts:

Item                                                                             Former Price           New Price            Reduction

Giant Eagle Roasting Chicken                                   $1.99 (per lb.)    $1.39 (per lb.)         30%

Campbell's 4 Pack Chicken Noodle Soup               $3.99                   $2.99                        25%

Farmers Market Baby Cut Carrots (2lb Bag)            $3.29                   $2.99                         9%

Giant Eagle Chunk Cheese                                        $2.79                    $2.50                       10%

Nissen Ramen Noodles                                             $0.49                    $0.20                        59%

Domino Sugar                                                               $3.19                    $2.78                        13%    

Giant Eagle Old Fashioned Oatmeal                        $3.99                    $2.99                        25%

Pillsbury Rolled Pie Crusts (2 count)                        $3.69                    $3.29                        11%

Kraft Velveeta & Shells                                                  $3.09                    $2.39                        23%

According to an Ipsos Public Affairs report, 73% of survey respondents ranked price as a first or second priority in where they shop.

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