Giant Eagle says it's not changing the coupon policy, but clarifying it

Did extreme couponing force change?

CLEVELAND - One of the leading grocery store chains in Northeast Ohio is updating its coupon policy, and people are sounding off on the new guidelines. While consumers see the updates as changes, Giant Eagle told 5 On Your Side these are not coupon changes but clarifications of existing guidelines, rather than substantive changes.

Giant Eagle announced on Facebook that only 2 like Internet coupons will be allowed, and that the stacking of manufacturer coupons with e-coupons will not be allowed to be used in combination.

Rachel Krych teaches couponing classes and runs the Facebook page, " Couponing with Rachel ." She doesn't think the new policy will change her shopping habits or ability to save money.

"I don't think there are many places you can stack. An e-offer is a manufacturer's coupon so the idea we were able to stack them for so long I think was a positive and now that they are changing it with the rest of the nation I don't think should make that big of a deal," couponer Rachel Krych said.

Giant Eagle said in a prepared statement, "the advent of digital and other internet-generated coupons prompted a clarification of what is referred to as "coupon stacking," or the use of multiple manufacturer coupons on the same item. Per the existing conditions noted on most manufacturer coupons, stacking has always been prohibited for paper coupns, and today's communication adds that online coupons are equivalent to their paper counterparts."

More than 150 couponers sounded off on Giant Eagle's Facebook page. Some people applaud the crackdown, while others blame extreme couponers for the changes.

"I think change is hard for anybody and with coupons they have their plan down and they have their way. They're going to shop so any change is hard for some people to take," Krych explained.

Couponers also are talking about Giant Eagle's rule as it relates to using 12 coupons for the same 12 items in a 24 hour period on a particular Giant Eagle card.

In response to the discussions, Giant Eagle said that rule restates an existing guideline about coupon limits.

Giant Eagle went on to say in its statement that it will continue doubling coupons.

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