What to buy, and not buy, in September

Don't Waste Your Money

What do iPhones, blue jeans and beds have in common, besides being things that many people own?

The answer: They are all great things to buy in September.

What to Buy Now

The savings website DealNews.com has just released its list of the best things to buy during the month of September.

Home goods and bedding top the list, with sales at Macy's, IKEA, JCPenney, Kohl's and other stores.

But it says get ready: iPhone 4S's and iPhone accessories are also about to go on markdown.

DealNews says with the expected release of the iPhone 5 next week, look for the iPhone 4S as low as $99.

Also look for discounted iPhone 4 accessories, since the new phone will reportedly be larger. Covers and more will no longer fit, meaning huge markdowns on the older size accessories.

And DealNews says Levis and other blue jeans are also on sale now that the back to school shopping season is done.

Finally, DealNews says keep an eye out for sunglasses sales this month from Oakley, Sunglass Hut and other brands.

What to Wait On

One thing not to buy right now, according to DealNews: a tablet computer.

With a new Kindle Fire coming from Amazon, and most likely an iPad Mini from Apple on the way, you'll have a whole new bunch of choices -- at lower prices -- come October.  So it may be best to wait on a tablet.


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