Walmart slashes price of Apple iPhone 5, new iPad

Don't Waste Your Money

Another major retailer is now slashing prices on new Apple products, days after Best Buy announced a sale on the new iPhone 5.

Walmart is now selling the iPhone 5 for just $127, with a new two-year contract. It retails for $199 at the Apple store, though was recently selling for $189 at Walmart.

Walmart is also marking down the 3rd generation iPad to $399 (it is still $499 at the Apple store). This is not the just released updated iPad "3," but rather the iPad "3" released earlier this year with retina display. 

It is still a great deal however, because it is the same price as the older iPad 2 at the Apple store.

However, you can only find these deals in Walmart stores, not Walmart's website. It appears the retailer is hoping shoppers come in for an iPhone, and leave with a shopping cart filled with other goods.

Unusual Discounts on New Apple Products

Normally, an Apple product has to be on the shelves six months or more before Apple allows discounts.

But Best Buy is now offering $50 off the new iPhone 5, through Jan. 5, not even four months after it went on sale. Radio Shack has also marked it down from $199 to $150 as well.

What this may mean

According to the Los Angeles Times and many Apple analysts, this may mean two things:

1. The iPhone 5 is not selling as well as Apple expected, after the initial rush the first two weeks. (Critics refer to these people as "Apple fan boys"). Apple is not yet releasing full sales figures.

2. An upgraded iPhone 5S may already be in the works, with longer battery life and NFC technology, now standard on some Android phones.

NFC means "Near Field Communication," which lets you pay in stores by just swiping your smartphone. It does not currently come with iPhones.

3. This could also mean that the iPad Mini is eating into sales of the third generation iPad, as some had predicted.  Many shoppers buying an iPad Mini for the holidays may be choosing it instead of the third generation full size iPad.

Whatever the reasons, it is a great time to shop around for Apple products.

As always, don't waste your money.

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