Hardest to find toy this holiday season

Don't Waste Your Money

Step aside, Tickle Me Elmo. Scoot out of town, little Zhu Zhu Pets. That's because this year's hard to find toy is a tablet computer: The Leap Pad Explorer.

"I keep checking the stores I've checked online. Every local store you can think of that will carry it, you'll find the shelf tag with the advertised price of $99, but there's no items on the shelves," said Debbie Haumesser of West Chester, Ohio.

Stores Charging a Premium

Haumesser is frustrated: Once again, the must have toy of the year has become the empty shelf toy of the year.

The highly-rated explorer is like an iPad for 5-year-olds. But it's now sold out at Target's website, Best Buy's website and other sites. And on Amazon, merchants are charging almost double.

"I thought I was being robbed, definitely taken advantage of," Haumesser said.

Jennifer Ferguson, a mom from Lebanon, Ohio, ended up giving in to an online vendor and paying $300. She says at least it came with a bundle of games.

What You Can Do

Parents everywhere will now have to pay a premium if they want the Leap Pad tablet for kids.

The only other option: stake out Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Sears or Kmart at 8 a.m. or whenever the store puts out new merchandise in the morning.

Ferguson says its frustrating, because like Elmo and Zhu Zhus, you'll probably find tons of them in a month or two.

"it's ridiculous, because after Christmas the stores will get them, so I think its a little uncalled for," Ferguson said.

As always, don't waste your money.

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