Happy birthday! Restaurants offer great birthday freebies

Don't Waste Your Money

Do you have a birthday coming up anytime soon?  Is someone else in your household celebrating their big day soon?

Then this is a story for you:  How you can eat free all week long,  during your birthday week.

Blogger Finds Ways to Save

Sure, everyone loves a birthday party, but some people enjoy their birthday more than others.

Mommy blogger Megan Fenno is one of them, because she gets all sorts of restaurant freebies on her big day.

"If you sign up for different e-clubs through different restaurants, you can get freebies for the entire month," Fenno said.

She says she was amazed to learn how many places will give you something free on your birthday.

And she say's don't worry, you don't have to eat like a goldfish until you pop.

"Now the great thing is you don't have to use them all on your birthday, you can use them throughout he course of the month," Fenno said.   "So that way you don't have to stuff yourself silly on the actual day."

Fenno says a number of popular restaurants will give you a free birthday entree.

Free Birthday Entree

Fenno says you can get an entree at:

      Bravo's Italian Cuisine
      Romano's Macaroni Grill
      Red Robin
      Steak n Shake

Free Birthday Dessert

You'll get a free dessert, appetizer, or treat at:

      Outback Steakhouse
      Longhorn Steakhouse

"Applebees has four different desserts you can choose on your birthday," Fenno said. "Also at Chili's they have a free dessert, and when you sign up for their e-club you can get free chips and queso."

One caution: Megan suggests you use a new Google or Yahoo email address to sign up for your freebies.

Click here for her full list of freebies .

Don't use your main email account or it may soon be filled with a lot of junk emails.

As always, don't waste your money.
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