Costco vs. Sam's Club: Which warehouse store has the best prices?

Don't Waste Your Money

It doesn't matter what you're buying, we're all seeking the lowest price.

So many of us turn to warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club hoping to find the best deals.

So which store will save you the most?

We compared more than 20 items at Costco and Sam’s Clubs to see which will keep your wallet happy.


First on our list is bread; it’s a staple in most of our homes. We checked the price of Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread.

It's $2.99 for two loaves at Costco.

Sam’s Club charges nearly $1.50 more, $4.48.


Let's add some cheese to that bread.

Kraft Singles are 8 cents per slice at Costco with their instant savings.

You'll pay quite a bit more at Sam's Club, at 12 cents per slice.


The baby has to eat, too, so we checked the price on 34 ounces of Similac Advance.

Costco charged the least for this item at $30.99.

You'll pay $31.30 at Sam's Club.


Next up, Honey Nut Cheerios. This time the prices are a little closer.

We shelled out $7.48 at Sam's Club.

It’s nine cents cheaper at Costco for the same amount of cereal -- $7.39.


Next on the list, the main course -- a three-pound rotisserie chicken.

Sam's Club charges $4.88.

You'll pay slightly more at Costco, at $4.99.


We also checked the price for ketchup.

Costco charges $7.49 for three 44-ounce bottles.

Sam's Club squeezes out another win, charging about 50 cents less.


Now, we wash it all down with a Coke.

This time both stores fight hard for your money, charging the same price -- $9.69 for 32 12-ounce cans. That's 30 cents per can.

Overall we priced more than 20 items on things most of us have in our home, from laundry detergent, to baby products, and of course food.

See the complete list of all of the items we compared

It was a close race, but in the end Costco saved us the most cash on our grocery items.

The grand total when we shopped was $267.35 for Costco; $274.31 cents for Sam’s Club.

But it's important to point out that Costco charges $10 more a year than Sam’s Club for a basic membership.

Also, no matter where you decide to shop, don't assume one store will always get you the best price. Just because it’s a warehouse store doesn’t mean it’s going to save you the most.

Remember to always compare prices, check your grocery store ads and make a list so you don’t waste your money


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