Best value new cars to buy and own

If you need a new car this year, don't expect the bargains dealers were  offering the past 3 or 4 years, during the dark days of the recession. Prices are up, and incentives are down.

But there are still some great values in cars if you're a savvy shopper.

Affordable to buy and own

With the average new car price now approaching $30,000, its hard to find a car that's affordable and will stay affordable.

So Kiplingers Magazine has just named the cheapest new cars to own, based on initial price, gas mileage, and insurance costs.  Making the grade for 2012, as the best value new cars:

    --Nissan Versa
    --Hyundai Accent
    --Ford Fiesta
    --Toyota Yaris
    --Kia Rio
    --Honda Fit
    --Mazda 2
    --Scion IQ

Doesn't That Stink?

But from the "doesn't that stink file," a reminder that you won't get to haggle much on any of those cars.

Small fuel sippers are in big demand with $4 gas prices, and dealers are not giving them away. The same goes for small used cars as well: There's less negotiating room.

Caution for used Car Buyers

Finally, if you like to buy one or two year old used cars, Make sure you check out new cars as well.

With prices high on late model used cars, you may do almost as well buying new, with a full warranty and new car smell, so you don't waste your money.

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