Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: 5 On Your Side Electronics Guide comparing the hottest gaming consoles

CLEVELAND - Retail stores are reporting one of the biggest items people want under their trees this Christmas is a video gaming system. We continue our 5 On Your Side electronics guide with the latest, greatest and best from the gaming world. The new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are hotter than ever.

"I'm stuck between the Disney Infinity and the Skylanders Giants," said Kristin Stirling at the Medina Target store with her hands full of the toys. We asked what's the best choice for gaming systems?

"If my husband were here he could tell you all about that,” she said with a smile. “He does most of the research on this stuff,” she added.

We do, too. In fact, in our search for good information, we found Katie Linendoll, who’s a nationwide tech expert with 

"I've been following the two gaming consoles (that have been) really in a console war for months now," Linendoll said.

She really likes the new Xbox One as a centralized entertainment hub. 

"You can actually do live voice commands. You can turn your TV on and off. (The box) plugs right into your cable box,” she explained. It also lets you do Skype calls. 

"It's cool. Its connect sensor is better than ever. It's a completely upgraded unit. And it will actually follow you around the room when you're making calls," she told us.

And Linendoll said the enhanced gaming immerses you into the video experience. 

"You feel like you're there in the battlefield. I'm not sure when I want to come back to reality,” she said with a laugh.

Speaking of being immersed, tech experts told us the new PlayStation 4 is better than ever. You feel like you're in the game. Plus, online gaming is better.  

"So (you) get upgraded servers now. You're not looking at the PlayStation network being down half the time like it was with the PlayStation 3,” explained Justin Reed from Best Buy.

He also told us the controller is more responsive and has a new rumble feature. The unit has a 500G hard drive, a quad core processor, and 1080 p compared to 720 on PlayStation 3. 

"(It’s) really, really detailed when it comes to player movement and like facial recognition as well,” said Reed.  “So, if you're comparing facial recognition from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, it'S got about 10 times the amount of detail," he added.

All good info for Stirling to keep in mind for her children's love of gaming. 

"They're obsessed,” she said with a hesitant smile. “They are obsessed. I hate to say it."

Bottom line: if you want more overall entertainment from your gaming system, get the Xbox One.

It's 500 bucks.

If you want really good gaming for less, get the PlayStation 4.

It's 400 bucks.

But remember, the games can run you 60 bucks a piece on either system.

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