Wireless electronics make hot holiday gifts: The 5 On Your Side Electronics Guide

CLEVELAND - Electronic gadgets are always fun to get during the holidays. So, for our final report of the 5 On Your Side Electronics Guide, we're examining the latest, greatest, and best in electronic accessories.

"I always look for things that are unique and different," said Eric Lawrence from Lyndhurst, who was checking out the newest technology at HHGregg. He likes experimenting with electronic gadgets. 

“To see the new things and sometimes there's a little learning curve to learn how to use them but, once you do they're phenomenal and make life a lot easier," Lawrence said with a grin.

Music & Sound

Soundbars can make your music life easier. With Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly connect to electronic devices like your phone, or connect to your TV for a surround sound type effect. 

"A sound bar basically eliminates the clutter around the room,” said Best Buy Sales Representative Bryan Szwec. “It still gives you that surround sound experience without all the additional accessories,” he added.

At the HHGregg store’s Sound Bar City, you can find them from $179 up to $1,500.

If you're looking at something a bit different, we saw wireless Jam Boxes at the AT&T store at Legacy Village. They're portable and run $180 to $249 with great sound.

Beats By Dre has The Pill at $199 and the Beat Box at $399. Chad McFadden from AT&T likes them. "The sound quality on these (is) just absolutely amazing. It's a great quality product," he told us.

Health & Fitness

He showed us the FitBit Aria, which is a Wi-Fi scale that tracks your weight. It’s $129.  Sensor Touch Gloves that let you operate your smart devices right through the gloves themselves. They are $78 at AT&T, but we found similar pairs at Marshalls for $10-$20.

And what about the Jawbone Up that goes around your wrist? "It monitors your sleep. It monitors your movement and (it’s) a pedometer,” said McFadden. “Most people even use this as an alarm clock," he told us.  It vibrates when it's time to get up. The price tag is $129.

Odds & Ends

We also saw an Ion Air Copy Scanner which is wireless and portable, and can upload scans to your phone. It’s $179.

And there's even something called the Swingbyte that hooks to your golf club, compares your swings and sends the info to your phone.

All are great ideas piquing Lawrence's interest. "I think they're lots of fun to have and people enjoy them," he said with another smile on his face.

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