What to buy and not buy in May so you can save money

CLEVELAND - Every month there are some good things to buy and some not so good items that you should pass on.  That's why we teamed up with Money Talks News to give ideas for your shopping this month.

DO: Clothes

"To find clothes cheap is really important," said new mom Amanda Shea from Cleveland. She knows what it's like to stick to a budget. She's hitting Target.

"Something easy just to throw on that you can wear during the day and at night if you go out," Shea said about what she likes to find during the spring time.

"We've got tons of sales going on right now on spring clothes," said Gina Sullivan, who is the Store Team Leader at the North Olmsted Target.

Spring clothes are on our list of what to buy in May. Sales are heating up right now. We found $3 off on tank tops, $5 off shorts, and sales on jeans. 

DO: Less traditional Mother's Day gifts

May is big for Mother's Day, too. We suggest trying to avoid traditional mom gifts where prices sometimes can creep up. Instead get steals on something different. "Fun dresses for mothers. We've got the cutest sandals that you can imagine for mothers,” said Sullivan. “So, it's fun to experiment and what mom doesn't love a new outfit from head to toe?" Sullivan questioned with a smile.

On top of that, Shea is giving the app Cartwheel a spin as she's checking items for extra savings for when she checks out. 

DO: Computers

Speaking of technology, Microsoft is offering users off the recently dropped XP system $100 off certain Windows 8 PCs. But if you want to hang on to older technology, you will want to look elsewhere. 

“Microsoft has given them no choice in the matter right now," said Jeff Donat, President of Computer Surplus Outlet in Parma. He enhances older computers and has specialized in Windows 7 products. There's $100 off laptops at his store and a one-year warranty. "You can still run all of your applications from 10 years ago,” said Donat. “And that's really where the value is," he added.

Shea said saving is about doing your homework. "Before we come, we check and see what's on sale and kind of plan our shopping trip that way," she explained.

DON'T: Beef

It’s just getting to be grilling season but one thing to watch out for is beef.  Prices are on the rise so to save you can use your Target Red Card for 5 percent off, stack that on with Cartwheel deals or just check prices on chicken or pork.

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