What to buy and not buy in April if you want to get good deals

Vacuums: No; AMD laptops: Yes

CLEVELAND - April is no fool's month for buying just the right items. We teamed up with our friends from Deal News to figure out what to buy and not buy in April.

DON'T: Vacuums

Even though it's spring cleaning time, if you want to sweep up on some savings hold off on buying a new vacuum until the fall.

DO: Computers

When it comes to computers, you have options.

"I'm pretty much living off of student loans," said Dennis Parathundil who is a student at Kent State. On a tight budget, he was looking for a good deal at Best Buy after his computer started acting up. "My old laptop was going very slow.  I've had it for five years," Parathundil told us.

He picked a good time to buy because in April laptop prices are good, especially on computers that have AMD, i3 and i5 processors. 

"You're actually looking at the brain of the computer,” said Best Buy rep Steve Naughton. “(They are) what processes information and how quickly (the computer is) going to be able to get that done for you," he added.

We found AMD computers for $409, AMD laptops at $279, i5s for $449 and i3s at $349. "Recently we've seen them drop as low as $400 inside of a laptop,” explained Naughton. “And that's actually something that you're really going to look for. That's a steal on a new laptop," he told us.

DO: XBox One

Staying with electronics, we mentioned to you last month to watch out for XBox One deals. They got down to $399 and we expect to see more sales this month because it's lagging behind Playstation 4 sales.

60-inch LCD TVs have been bait for good deals. Prices lowered their way down to $500 Last month and could dive deeper this month.

DO: Tax Freebies

With tax day coming up, don't forget about tax day freebies like Office Depot shredding up to five pounds of documents free with a coupon. And you can earn a free dinner entree at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Cleveland when you get on stage and sing an entire song in front of everyone between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

DO: Pandora

Speaking of music, Pandora has said it's getting rid of the yearly subscription and will raise the monthly charge.

That doesn't happen until May, so get your sweet sounds before the price hike.

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