We're saving you money for the Fourth of July

Best deals on food, drinks

CLEVELAND - With the Fourth of July just a couple days away, we're On Your Side with the best deals you'll find on everything you need for that holiday party, picnic or meal.

"I'm having a cookout with all the kids and I have some family in town from Texas," said Karla McGowen who is ready for the Fourth of July and ready to save some money while she celebrates.  "Keeping in budget is very hard with the different prices.  Food, gas, everything goes up," she added.

Experts gave out a fair warning. "Watch out. A lot of these stores are closed July Fourth so you're going to have to do your shopping ahead of time," said Joe Daugirdas (a.k.a. Joe The Coupon Guy) is helping us find all American savings before the Fourth.

Hotdogs: 99 cents a pack at Good Cents and Discount Drug Mart.  "You don't even need a coupon for it, so really good deal for hot dogs there," said Daugirdas.

Fruit: Check out Aldi's.  Blueberried are 99 cents for a pint and seedless watermelon for $3.29.  It’s the best he could find.  "Unless you go to a Gallagher comedian concert where you're going to get free watermelon there," Daugirdas laughed.

Lettuce: One bag for 88 cents at Discount Drug Mart. 

Corn: You can get 10 ears for $2 at Giant Eagle and Good Cents. But remember you don't have to buy all 10 if you don't need to.  Each ear is still 20 cents.  And the same stores have pop on sale.  Four for $9 at Giant Eagle and 4 for $8.88 at Good Cents.  "Normally you're finding it for $3 on sale. So, getting it down near the $2 range is a good price," said Daugirdas.

Hamburgers and beef in general are pretty pricey right now. So, go with chicken. It’s $1.97 a pound at Good Cents or sausage at Discount Drug Mart and add a coupon for 55 cents off. "If you can switch over to that and you're okay with it, that's probably where you want to go until the beef prices start coming back down," Daugirdas told us.

Make sure you're clipping those coupons. Places like Giant Eagle will double them up to 99 cents. Or go online especially if you're planning something for the weekend.  "At Dollar General they have a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon that you get online at dollargeneral.com and it's only good on that Saturday July 5,” explained Daugirdas.

It's all advice McGowen said she will keep in mind this weekend.  “I'm always looking for whoever has the best buy," she told us.

Daugirdas also told us a great deal on a new grill is a Char-Broil at HH Gregg for $99 and free assembly.

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