Stores are rolling out Labor Day Weekend competitive sales for furniture, TVs, outdoor items, & more

We're on your side with what to watch for

CLEVELAND - This Labor Day weekend stores are being very competitive for your hard-earned money. We’re on your side with deals on furniture, fun, and fall projects.

Craig Morris from Pepper Pike was shopping at Target in Mayfield Heights. He likes saving on stuff for his daughter during Labor Day weekend. "We generally are out looking for deals on school items," said Morris.

You'll still find discounts on school supplies at Target, but you can find major savings like a college dorm chair that was $40 and is now $25. 

And back to school means back to football, too. “College football season is right upon us and the NFL shortly after that. So, we always have great deals on TVs," said Target Executive Team Leader Chris Santucci.

There’s a Samsung 40" smart LED at $399.99 and you save $100 bucks. Want bigger? There’s a 55” Samsung for $850 and get a $100 Target gift card.

Walmart has Vizios on sale. There’s a 48" for $448 with a $50 Walmart gift card. You’ll also find a 60” smart TV for $848.

You'll need somewhere to sit and watch those TVs so Levin is advertising its "biggest labor day sale ever" with 50% off or more, special financing, $100 gift card, and select free delivery.

Value City Furniture shows “first time ever” free delivery. And La-Z-Boy will knock off $200 on Deco Premier Sofas with hundreds of fabrics to choose from.

Want to get off the couch and get some outside projects done? Lowe's says it's ready for you. "We build up our staff and everything to accommodate the traffic that's going to be coming in for the store," said Lowe’s Assistant Store Manager Chris Rafferty from the Bedford Heights store on Miles Road.

There’s Premium Mulch at four for $10, four pint size pots for $6, or get bigger pots at Walmart for $3.98. 

Remember, at Lowe's and Target use their credit cards for more discounts.

"The 5 percent you can use with the Lowe's credit card consumer card or you can do a business account and you can get the 5 percent off of that too,” said Rafferty. And Santucci told us, “With the Target Red Card you actually save 5 percent the first time you open it up and every day."

After all the shopping, Morris has other plans, too. "We'll cook out probably this weekend," he said with a smile.

Not to be outdone, Home Depot is offering very similar sales on paints, mulch and other items like Lowe's this weekend.

And there will be deals on cars as dealerships look to make room for 2015 models this fall.

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