Snag some great food deals for your Labor Day Weekend

CLEVELAND - Everybody's looking forward to the Labor Day holiday. Many of you are probably planning cookouts so here are some food deals for your three-day weekend.

"We barbecue hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, chicken,” explained DeWayne Hooks from Cleveland. We caught up with him practicing his Labor Day weekend strategy at locally-owned Dave's Supermarket. "I come out on a Thursday and I check the meat prices and see what's going on. See if I can catch some sales,” he told us.

Good move, DeWayne, because Dave's has a cookout favorite ribs on sale for $1.99 per pound and steaks at $8.99/lb. To round out your cookout, save a dollar on peaches now 99 cents a pound and save close to $2 on the corn.

"Produce is relatively cheap. It's a good time to enjoy," said Burt Saltzman who is one of the owners of Dave's. His store is offering seedless watermelons for $3.99. "Consumers should take advantage of the time of the year because it's a great time to buy. It's a great time to save," Saltzman said.

We found additional savings at the bigger chain stores, too, with 2 pounds of Bubba Burgers for $8.49 at Target. And what would your burgers and hot dogs be without some good toppings, right? Target has a 38 oz. ketchup bottle for $1.99. Plus, save with a different kind of red…your Red Card. "With the Target Red Card you actually save 5 percent the first time you open it up and every day,” said Executive Team Leader Chris Santucci.

Other deals at Target for your barbecue include 28 ounces of Sweet Baby's Rays for $1.99. Coke and Pepsi two liter bottles are five for $5. Twelve-packs of Pepsi are four for $9 but you have to buy all four to get the sale price. 

At Lowe's, we found two 20-pound bags of charcoal half-off for $10.

Don't forget dessert. Walmart has Breyers for $2.97 and on fruit bars you can save nearly a dollar at $3 a box.

For Hooks, every dollar counts and he and his family make it count this holiday weekend. "We just try to go all out with it and enjoy it," Hooks told us with a big smile.

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