Smart TVs, 4K TVs, 3D TVs are popular holiday gifts: 5 On Your Side Consumer Electronics Guide

CLEVELAND - Lots of people want to get their hands on a new TV for the holidays. But would you believe that a hands-off approach may be one of the more appealing trends in TV technology this season? 

We are continuing our week-long electronics guide with the latest and greatest in TVs.

“If I catch the right deal, then I'm going to purchase something nice,” said Carl Bowers from Cleveland. He was shopping for a TV at the Best Buy in Brooklyn. What does he want? "The latest, greatest, the works on a television," he told us with a smile.

If that's the case, then 4K technology is the newest and best in televisions. 

We caught up with James Jones, a Samsung product representative. While at Best Buy, he showed us the Ultimate HD 4K TV that recognizes your words.

"Hi, TV,” said Jones, and the television went into response mode.

“What the TV has is voice interaction, which allows you to tell the TV what you want it to do and where you want it to go," explained Jones. 

He demonstrated an option where you can control the television by opening and closing your hand. "(You can) go to our USB, which is playing content and I'm just selecting it," said Jones, while standing about 10 feet from the TV and holding out an open hand slightly in front of himself.

The picture is four times 1080p and the refresh rate is 1200Hz instead of 120Hz. But with price tags of $3,500 to $5,000, it might be tough for some to get.

"The number one eye-catcher is price,” Bowers told us.

So, sales reps said when you are choosing a set, there are plenty options with LEDs or plasmas.  "The majority of our TVs come packed with smart features, as well as 3D options,” said Bryan Szweck from Best Buy. “So, those are always cool and exciting to look out for," he added.

And if you like to watch sports or a lot of action, get the highest processing or refresh rate to keep the picture crisp.

"The 240Hz gives you the sharpest, most detailed image when things are moving on the screen," said David Carrero, a salesman from HHGregg. 

He said it’s good to ask about contrast ratios that measure how bright or dark the images are. Each company is different.

"You can look at a TV and tell which ones have the brightest or the best contrast ratio by the brightness of the screen," said Carrero.

The bright spot for Bowers during the holidays? "Being with family and watching a great television,” Bowers told us with another smile.

One thing about smart TVs is that they basically allow you to stream content and surf the web.

If you already have a device like a gaming unit, Apple TV or a Blu-ray player, you might already have that capability.  So, be *smart* and don't spend the extra money if you don't have to.

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