Savings for all things back to college

Save on that home away from home

CLEVELAND - We are continuing our month-long series for back-to-school with a focus on your college kids. 

There are ways to save on that home away from home for your children heading off to 

Jill and Enzo Cannata from Chagrin Falls were shopping at Target for Enzo's upcoming freshman year at Penn State. Jill is a mom who likes to save major money but she doesn't use money-saving apps.  "No, we don't do that. Mostly the paper,” admitted Jill.

In addition to sales at Target on all kinds of college-needed items, the store offers the free Cartwheel app that you can click on items for additional, stackable savings like 10, 15 or 20 percent off that is scanned on your phone at the register.

"We actually have a really convenient collections tab under there also you some ideas on what you might need for college and gives you the deals that we have," explained Target Executive Team Leader Shris Santucci.

At Walmart we found rollbacks on many items, like a fouton that was 25 bucks off.  There were bath towel savings and clearance savings.  There were discounts on printers, a Bluetooth mouse for 24 bucks, and the all-important surround sound system for just $80. "It all adds up and if we can help them save that little bit of money, that's great for us," said Jodi Thornton who is a Zone Merchandise Supervisor at the Walmart in Macedonia.

After hitting up all the savings, you'll also want to deck out your dorm room.  We found some top items on wish lists that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

There was a 32-inch TV on sale at Best Buy for $179.99, which is a great size for a dorm room. Google Chrome Cast allows you to stream content to your TV from your smartphone or tablet for just 35 bucks.

"A lot of college students maybe don't have cable there,” said Best Buy Representative Colton Jackson.  “Maybe they don't have antennas.  So, they can watch their TV shows that were on last night the next day on their TV through Hulu," Jackson went on to say.

Add to the sales, college kids can sign up on Best Buy's website, put in a valid college email address and start getting coupons and discounts through its College Student Deals program. Sign up between now and August 2 and be eligible for a $100,000 prize, $25,000 dollar gift cards and more.

That kind of money could get Jill and Enzo plenty of stuff for college.  "[Enzo is] our biggest expense right now.  Yeah, definitely," Jill said with a laugh.

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