Save money at Cedar Point with these On Your Side Tips

Summer Savings Series

CLEVELAND - Summer is officially here and it's time for you to have some fun! That's why we're on your side with ways to save on events for the whole family, including at Cedar Point.

“Do you guys want to ride the bumper cars?” asked Julie Fisher of her family. “I'm really glad we decided to come today,” added Fisher. 

She is extra happy she came to Cedar Point with her mom Iris and her kids Gage and Lainey after going online to buy her tickets instead of at the front gate. "Just being able to come here and save some money makes all the difference in the world especially with the little ones and being a mom and working full time," she told us.

In fact, now through June 30, Cedar Point's website dropped weekday tickets by $15. Weekends and for dates past June 30 you can get 10 bucks off online or through places like Giant Eagle. But there are other ways to save on admission.

"If you live anywhere in NE Ohio, Cedar Point is the place to be," said money-saving guru Rachel Krych from She told us there are ways to get around regular tickets.

Check out the season passes: $128 each or the Platinum Pass is $200 each. Platinum has a ton of perks like free parking, early ride times, admission for all Cedar Fair parks like Kings Island and more.

If you can't get a season pass, snag someone who does and with them you can get in for $40 instead of the regular $60. "Find your friends with season passes and you'll get huge savings," said Krych.

You can also get $39 tickets if you stay at one of Cedar Point's several hotel properties.

Another picture perfect way to save at Cedar Point is something new this season. It's called the All Day Meal Deal.

"We want people to have fun, but we want it to be budget friendly as well," said Cedar Point spokesperson Bryan Edwards. He told us that meal deal is $29.99 and you only have to wait 90 minutes between each meal. A single meal deal is $13.99 and souvenir soda cups are $9.99 with free refills all day. Come back with your cup and it's 99 cents per fill-up. All can be bought online.

"With this new meal deal, you can purchase them ahead of time and it gives you select different options all around the park," said Edwards.

They're all tips that Fisher will keep in mind the next time she takes the kids for a spin at Cedar Point. "Our family came here at least once a year and so I want to do that with my kids," said Fisher.

Another On Your Side tip: pack a picnic. There's a pavilion at the park.

Also, look for special discounts during July and August on Cedar Point's webpage .

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